For Physicians/Providers

  • True Care Pharmacy delivers medications for patients to clinics and physician’s office for office based administration of medications including specialty medications.
  • We can deliver prescription medication to your patients. Please contact us for more details.
  • We offer biopharmaceuticals and specialty medications for patients with Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, drug dependence, genetic abnormalities and variety of complex medical conditions. We can deliver medications to patients or to physician’s office for in office administration.
  • We do patient profile screening on consistent basis to identify possible drug interactions, Therapeutic duplications, over/under drug utilization, and other DUR conflicts and communicate with all involved provider(s) and individuals.
  • We offer Medication Therapy Management services, a new standard in Pharmacy industry to help patients, health care providers and insurance providers to achieve optimum therapeutic and economic outcomes of a drug therapy.
  • We accept electronic prescriptions.

We provide hands-on patient care that hinges on collaboration across providers and caseworkers to simplify complex regimens, identify gaps in care, provide interventions, monitor adherence and report therapeutic outcomes. We also empower patients with the adherence tools and support they need to better manage their health including compliant Blister Packaging

Our proven methods of collaboration and personalized support reduce hospital readmissions and deliver significant improvements in adherence, outcomes and cost savings for the high-risk patient population we serve.

We understand the challenges of working with complex patients who are unable to follow your prescribed medication regimen. These chronically ill patients often see multiple providers and utilize several pharmacies, making your efforts to improve outcomes and keep them out of the hospital even more challenging.

Adding to the complexity, with new rules associated with EMRs, and ePrescribing as well as other state and federal regulations, you may find it difficult to spend enough time with the patients who require additional personalized care.

True Care Pharmacy work with physicians in management of complex patients and their special medication related need.

We serve as a collaborative partner who helps ensure your patients begin the therapy you’ve carefully established—and then works continuously to help them adhere to that therapy.

We meet patients personally, and provide education and adherence tools designed to empower both patients and caregivers—across diverse cultural and economic backgrounds—with the resources they need to manage compliance. And because chronically ill patients often receive duplicate or conflicting therapies from multiple providers, we monitor, track and measure patient adherence and regimen activity, to provide unprecedented visibility across caseworkers, pharmacy services, and multiple providers.

True Care Pharmacy is dedicated to working alongside providers to improve therapy outcomes for complex patients and to help you meet your clinical goals.

We know you have heavy case loads and it is difficult to track down all the providers and pharmacies a patient is using. We use a collaborative approach that teams up the providers with clinical pharmacists to develop the ideal regimen and we work with the patient to keep them on the regimen.

Unlike most Medication Management companies, we not only identify the issues with therapy, we deliver real-time interventions to ensure maximum impact.

This frees up time for you to spend more time with the patients and providing the support they need.

Our unique approach includes meeting the patient personally, close collaboration with your team we provide compassionate outreach to the patient to build trust and increasingly better results. In addition to our unique set of tools we provide our patients and providers, we enable case managers to stay up to date on patient care with necessary pharmacy related tools and resources.