Assisted Living/Senior Care

True Care Pharmacy makes sure you have your medicine on time, every time. Multi-dose packaging ensures that medications are taken in the proper dosage, at the proper time. Our medication management system streamlines the tedious process of keeping track of prescription medications so you don’t have to.

Why choose us?

  • Medication management with our experienced pharmacy staff and innovative technology
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Door to door secure delivery

Facilities We Serve:

True Care Pharmacy services a wide group of patients with their prescription need.
Assisted Living Residents – Our unit dose packaging, delivered every month to the patient’s room allows easy medication compliance, and convenient pharmacy services. Each pouch contains the medications for each time of day, morning, noon, evening and bedtime, clearly labeled with patient name, date and time. Medication changes that occur in the middle of a cycle are made and delivered promptly without having to run out to the local pharmacy. Insurances are billed and there are no additional fees for delivery or packaging.

Group homes – We offer a unique program for adult group home residents, we will fill and deliver medications at no charge, saving the residents and staff the time of having to call refills into the pharmacy. With no extra fee, True Care Pharmacy lightens the work load for your staff.

Senior housing and Senior Care facilities: We package and deliver prescription medications and work with Physicians and Insurance providers. We welcome questions and concerns from patients and facility staff.

Rehab and Detox Facilities: We Serve individuals with special needs and work with physicians and nurses. We deliver medications per physicians order with special instructions and packaging to the facilities and clinics.

Pharmacy Services we offer to Assisted living and Senior Care Facilities

Beyond simply packaging medications, our pharmacy staff is experienced, skilled, and courteous helping to make medication most effective and efficient.

Our customer service team will reach out to you, and be pro-active with issues you might be facing. Calling physicians to get refills on prescriptions, following the prior authorization process, managing the formulas to reduce co pays, and coordinating delivery times are all part of a day’s work.

Beyond our compliant and easy to use packaging system, we also provide all the other services you need from a pharmacy including customized unit dose drug formulations, and a full inventory of prescription medications.

For more information and questions please contact us or please call us at 978-452-6666.